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How I Make Money Writing for Blogs

July 7, 2015 – 9:06 am | 20 Comments

How I Make Money Writing for BlogsHey, Frugal Farmer friends! I wanted to share with ya’ll a little bit today about the income I make blogging and how I make money writing for blogs as well. Often times, when I tell people that I have a “career” as a blogger, they look at me with that look. You know: the “Yeah, I KNOW that’s a scam” look. As if I were part of a pyramid scheme in which a secret society finds some hidden, illegal route to making the big bucks and alienating family and friends in the process. :-) However, making money blogging and writing for blogs is a real and valid source of income for thousands and thousands of people.  Read the full story »

10 Reasons Everyone Should Start A Garden

July 6, 2015 – 5:00 am | 15 Comments
10 Reasons Everyone Should Start A Garden

Happy Monday, Frugal Farmer friends! Today we feature a post from my blogging buddy Adam, who blogs over at his site, Today Adam talks about a subject that is near and dear to our …

Best of Personal Finance Roundup

July 3, 2015 – 7:00 am | 11 Comments
Best of Personal Finance Roundup

It’s time once again, my friends, for the Best of Personal Finance Roundup, where me and a group of other respected bloggers share on Fridays our best picks for your personal finance education and enjoyment. …

Republic Wireless Review

July 1, 2015 – 8:20 am | 34 Comments

Greetings, Frugal Farmer friends! We don’t often promote products on this site, but we’re all about sharing the news on a great deal when we see one. Those of you who read regularly might remember …

TwoFer: A Great Holiday Recipe and a Serious Word of Caution

June 29, 2015 – 1:33 am | 71 Comments

Greetings, friends! This is a post that I re-post every year around the 4th of July. Note that this is NOT an anti-fireworks post, just an important word of caution for all about the dangers …

How I Saved 3 Years Income, Quit My Job, and Started my Blogging Business

June 25, 2015 – 6:49 am | 31 Comments
Case Study Income

Greetings, Frugal Farmer friends! Today we share the story of my freelancing pal Bill. It will inspire, encourage and motivate you to make your life your own. Enjoy!
”Better safe than sorry” –that has been my …

Living on a Frugal Budget: Interview #2

June 22, 2015 – 10:46 am | 2 Comments

In case you’ve missed it, we started a series over at Fruclassity on living on a frugal budget. We interview individuals, couples or families who are living well on a smaller income and on a …

How to Deal With Debt Fatigue

June 18, 2015 – 7:15 am | 6 Comments

When a person is overwhelmed with a large amount of debt, the thought of continuing on with a debt payoff goal is, at times, nearly unfathomable. This, my friends, is called debt fatigue. Most people …

36 and Mortgage Free: One Family’s Journey

June 16, 2015 – 2:03 pm | 4 Comments

On Fruclassity today, we’re sharing the story of one family’s journey to mortgage free.

Our guest today is Will, a colleague at the high school where I work. As a teacher, I find it interesting to …

30 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

June 8, 2015 – 5:30 am | 43 Comments
30 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some great gift ideas for those who want to pick up a little (or big) something for dad or hubby on Father’s day. Surely …

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: W/E June 5th

June 5, 2015 – 5:30 am | 18 Comments
Best of Personal Finance Roundup Logo

Hey, friends! Welcome to our new Best of Personal Finance Roundup, a roundup containing the very best articles in the world of personal finance. This traveling roundup will be featured each Friday at one of …