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Do You Fall Prey to the “Frugal Failure”?

March 30, 2015 – 5:00 am | 36 Comments

Don’t let a Frugal Failure stop you from trying again to achieve success.

Kim over at Eyes on the Dollar had a great post the other day called When Frugal Fails.  It was about a poor choice that she made in the name of saving money that ended up costing her more in the long run.  I’m not sure about you, but I’ve had many a frugal failure that has watered down our efforts to get out of debt. What’s frustrating about the Frugal Failure is that it’s most always preventable; however, in order to prevent a frugal failure one must recognize the “pre-thinking” associated with making a frugal failure mistake. Read the full story »

Prepping 101: Financial Preparedness

March 26, 2015 – 8:27 am | 42 Comments

Financial preparedness is a big part of prepping that is often overlooked. We preppers think often about our food supply, water supply, heating supply, medical supply, etc., but sometimes leave out the importance of preparing …

Debt Freedom: Success is About Consistency

March 23, 2015 – 8:06 am | 14 Comments

One of the things that I think scares people off from pursuing a goal of debt freedom is the fear of failure. Often times, a debt load seems so big and the journey to rid …

How to Choose the Right Accountability Partner

March 19, 2015 – 8:55 am | 26 Comments

Good morning, friends!  I talked a bit earlier in the week about how the Debt Snowball plan was really helping us to accelerate our debt payoff, but there was a very vital piece of information …

Debt Payoff and Spending Update

March 16, 2015 – 8:23 am | 52 Comments
Debt Payoff and Spending Update

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done a debt payoff and spending update, so I thought today would be the perfect time. If you read our 2014 summary and 2015 goals, you’d know …

Second Chance Book: by Robert Kiyosaki

March 12, 2015 – 7:42 am | 25 Comments

I had the privilege this week of reading Robert Kiyosaki’s latest release, Second Chance. Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad  and Cashflow fame, made a huge impression on me several years ago when I read …

What’s in the Food that You Eat?

March 10, 2015 – 9:01 am | 36 Comments

If you’ve been following the blog the last couple of weeks, you’ll know of the changes we’ve made here in our diets. The Macrobiotic way of eating and juicing lifestyle have made profound impacts in …

7 Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

March 6, 2015 – 8:10 am | 26 Comments
7 Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

Hey friends! We’re honored to feature this article from money-saving expert Andrea Woroch.  Andrea is sharing with us today some ways in which we can trick ourselves into saving money. Thanks, Andrea, for these great …

How a Clean Diet Can Change Your Life

March 2, 2015 – 7:55 am | 53 Comments

I’ve been talking lots lately on the changes we’ve experienced here at the Frugal Farm as we’ve began juicing and looking more seriously into things like a macrobiotic lifestyle.  As a family of self-confessed foodies, …

Macrobiotic Diet vs Paleo Diet: What’s the Difference?

February 26, 2015 – 7:02 am | 24 Comments
Macrobiotic Diet vs Paleo Diet: What’s the Difference?

Well, since we began our un-frugal practice of juicing at the beginning of the year, we have, quite by accident, delved into a world of clean eating.  Before our juicing experiment, we had a pretty …

How Moving From the Suburbs to the Country Changed our Lives

February 23, 2015 – 6:19 am | 12 Comments
How Moving From the Suburbs to the Country Changed our Lives

Hey, friends!  Check out our guest post over at The Plutus Awards today:
We launched The Frugal Farmer near the end of December 2012. Earlier that month, we’d come to the realization that our debt had …